There's many reasons our units out perform the others on the market...

  • All Makes - All Models
  • Easy Installation
  • German Technology
  • Increased Power & Fuel Efficiency
  • DPF Compatible
  • No Further Modifications Required
  • Diesel Tuning Done Correctly
  • 2 Year Australia Wide Warranty
  • 28 Day Money Back Guarantee

The SW Diesel Pro + Boost unit not only controls fuel pressure, it also adjusts the boost pressure.

As we control both it ensures that the Air Fuel Ratio (AFR's) remain correct keeping your all important Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT's) as standard.

This combined with keeping both pressures below manufacturers maximums, we can give you massive performance gains safely.

Trying to achieve these performance increases with only fuel control, be it rail pressure or injection timing, will in effect increase your combustion temperatures adding stress and wear to your engine.

Our units are also DPF compatible (Diesel Particulate Filter).