Installation instructions

  1. Please ensure before starting all work that the ignition is off and keys are removed.
  2. Open bonnet and remove any engine covers required for access.
  3. Locate the diesel common rail. This is a horizontal tube which has injector pipes running from it. The fuel pressure sensor will be mounted to this.
  4. Disconnect the pressure sensor wiring plug. The plug will have a locking clip. Make sure to depress or lift this locking mechanism before pulling on the plug.
  5. Connect your SW DIESEL connector to the rail pressure sensor. The remaining free connector should be connected to the previously removed plug of the original wiring loom. This completing the circuit.
  6. Please mount unit securely to a shock resistant area, making sure all wiring is secure. please do not attach directly to the fire wall.
  7. Switch on ignition and ensure that the blue power light is either eliminated or flashing. Refit any protective covers removed. It is now safe to start your vehicle.
  8. If you have any questions regarding installation or adjustment please don't hesitate to contact us.

Boost Control

With the pro unit there can be a boost control wire added. This is fitted in a similar manner.
  1. Locate the boost sensor. This will be found on the intake pipe near the inter-cooler.
  2. As before carefully remove the original plug and fitting the sw diesel one. Connect remaining plugs to complete circuit.
  3. Secure wiring.
* Onsite Delivery & Installation available to be quoted on request