Ford Chip Tuning Box

Please allow us at SW Diesel to provide the performance that your Ford deserves. Our range of diesel performance chip modules will transform the power and torque delivery. Easily installed in less than 10 minutes on your Ford and can be removed and returned to stock without leaving a trace.

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by Andrew Bryant on SW Diesel

Hi i purchased a chip for my ranger and am very happy with it made a big difference and towing is much better i would higly recommend to anyone thank you sw diesel

by Ants Kitchen on SW Diesel
PX Ford Ranger XLT

So easy to install. Took all of about 20mon to fit and secure. Power and driveabillity are awesome. Average fuel consumption down to 7.1lt/100km. Cannot fault the system. Gear changes are smoother and more power when you plant the boot. Very noticeable decrease in lag and increase in acceleration. Thanks Steve for all your advice and help. Bought the unit at the Winton V8's stand. I'm telling everybody with a ranger to fit this unit. Awesome.