Audi Chip Tuning Box

Unleash the power and torque on your Audi by simply plugging in our DIY Performance module. Here at SW Diesel, we pride ourselves in providing you unrivalled diesel performance without sacrificing safety. Plug and play in minutes, easily removed to return to standard.

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by Steve B on SW Diesel
Sw chip

SW Diesel chip was installed by Steve on my Q7 4.2lt twin turbo 3 months ago.

I can say the difference was suprising, turbo lag gone, acceleration and responce instant, power increase is great, fuel economy is about the same around town as I am having to much fun. Have yet to do a country run.

The only isdue has been on 4 occasions while in 2nd, I have gone to accelerate and the engine has just not responded, like its flooded for a few seconds, then it zll comes good. I would curious to see what it is like set at a higher setting.