We offer telephone support.

Our tuning boxes also do not have to be TUV approved like many competitor units manufactured in Germany, resulting in a significant cost saving which can be passed on to you, the customer.

Every unit is individually tested to tight specifications.  We test units on a wide variety of vehicles and have developed and rigorously tested every unit we sell for the application it was designed for.

Our tuning boxes are designed to give smooth, useable power increases.They don’t cause the car to pour smoke, go into limp home mode, or overstress the engine to the point at which you risk damaging components. The default map provided on our tuning boxes increases torque without increasing maximum fuel pressure, protecting your fuel system from additional wear.

We provide detailed fitting instructions for every application we sell a product for: When comparing us with our competitors ask yourself this: If they claim to have tested their system on a variety of cars, why have they installation instructions for only a few vehicles? We promise you that dyno testing is much harder work than taking a few photos…

All of our products carry a 28 day money back guarantee, so you can purchase with confidence knowing that if our products do not perform to your liking, then you can send them straight back for a full refund.

You may ask why our products are so reasonably priced? The real question should be why are the other options so expensive?

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SW Diesel
Average rating:  
 105 reviews
by Tony Johnson on SW Diesel
So happy i bought another one!!

I bought a unit for my discovery 4 and the difference is superb, as if i drive normally i get improved fuel economy, and if I want to put my foot down it is amazingly quick for a 2.7 tonne car, averaging 12.5L/100 towing the caravan.

So i bought another for the freelander 2 SD4, which again is amazing, and over 50,000km is averaging less than 8L/100km.

Really happy with the saving and added performance, plus great customer service, when I've had questions.

by Tim on SW Diesel
Defender 110

Wow, my defender does not drive like a tractor anymore, lots more power and so much smoother

by Phil Poole on SW Diesel
Prado 2.8

Purchased at show some 12 + months ago. Great product. Easy to fit. Car performs and drives better and my fuel consumption has gone down. Had a recent problem with error codes due to wiring loom. Steve was very helpful in assisting with a resolution.

by Steve B on SW Diesel
Sw chip

SW Diesel chip was installed by Steve on my Q7 4.2lt twin turbo 3 months ago.

I can say the difference was suprising, turbo lag gone, acceleration and responce instant, power increase is great, fuel economy is about the same around town as I am having to much fun. Have yet to do a country run.

The only isdue has been on 4 occasions while in 2nd, I have gone to accelerate and the engine has just not responded, like its flooded for a few seconds, then it zll comes good. I would curious to see what it is like set at a higher setting.

by Dan Hansel on SW Diesel
Sw diesel chips

Met and spoke to Steve at Sydney 4x4 show, he took the time to listen and answer all of my questions which I appreciated greatly as I could see how busy he was doing the same for many at his stall. Fitted the module and harness as per directions, which was very simple and off for a test run, WOW! My Pajero’s torque on acceleration is significantly improved but also how smooth it was throughout the rev range in each gear. Steve is a man who knows his diesels, backs his product, the simplicity of the install and cost is 100% why I purchased this. Unlike other chips which most have the added expense of fitting and wasting of your time and money dyno tuning to get similar results?. Thanks Steve you have one happy customer.

by Phillip on SW Diesel
Kia sportage my 18

Steve is great. Was very skeptical at first. After reassurance and a 28 day return policy. So I bought it. Had the chip in the Sportage for a year. Great performance over stock. A lot smoother to drive and makes it more to drive especially on open roads

by Clayton yuille on SW Diesel

Highly recommend 👍 we met Steve in Mallacoota after a drive from wingham nsw towing caravan . Had a chat re the performance chip & bingo fitted in minutes 😊 wow what a difference no lag , pulled up hill easy with van 👍 much improved fuel economy on way home we are very happy thanks Steve for your great work I can’t imagine driving my hilux now without the sw diesel chip 😊

by Tim Walker on SW Diesel

I purchased the s SW chip for my new 200 series as I found the car in original tune was sluggish,the gear box was continually hunting and when towing the engine could not get into top gear. The so called king off the road was a real letdown by comparison to my previous tow vehicle a discovery 4 HSE.

Steve at SW diesel confirmed my issues and promised a marked improvement.

Well as soon as the cruiser with the chip hit the open road it was apparent just what a difference it made .The car responded better had more power ,got into top gear more quickly and held it and generally became more drivable.

Next for the towing comparison, well it’s a different car!

Finally I’m getting performance I expected from a 4.5 litre turbo diesel

The gear box doesn’t hunt as often ,the power delivery comes in more quickly and it’s a far more relaxing experience.

I might add that that’s towing a 3.2 tonne full size off road van.

Thanks for changing my whole landcruiser experience for the better.

Cheers Tim

by Daniel on SW Diesel
Smooth & Responsive

My Porsche Cayenne was frustrating to drive in traffic with turbo lag down low and a not so responsive accelerator pedal nearly getting me rear ended when pulling into traffic. After speaking to a friend who has an SW chip on his car and after contacting Steve who listened to me and reassured me the SW was what I needed, I got it and installed it. Now the car is so responsive and power delivery so smooth with no hesitation at all. Definitely worth the money!

by Ian Perry on SW Diesel
200 Series Landcruiser (2012)

Before trading in my 2011 Ti Pathfinder 3.0L V6 Diesel, I took out and sent back the SW Diesel Chip for re-tuning to suit my 200 Series Landcruiser. The Chip was back with me in under a week! I had Steve put a 2 minute pre-start setting on as well.

The Landcruiser moves through the gears (up and down) a lot smoother and have noticed that it kicks into Overdrive (6th gear) when it should do now instead of waiting for God to tell it!

I have hooked up the caravan and you wouldn't think it is on!

In sum, the Chip has exceeded all expectations and it is a real comfort knowing that Steve is only a phone call away if there any problems.

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