We offer telephone support.

Our tuning boxes also do not have to be TUV approved like many competitor units manufactured in Germany, resulting in a significant cost saving which can be passed on to you, the customer.

Every unit is individually tested to tight specifications.  We test units on a wide variety of vehicles and have developed and rigorously tested every unit we sell for the application it was designed for.

Our tuning boxes are designed to give smooth, useable power increases.They don’t cause the car to pour smoke, go into limp home mode, or overstress the engine to the point at which you risk damaging components. The default map provided on our tuning boxes increases torque without increasing maximum fuel pressure, protecting your fuel system from additional wear.

We provide detailed fitting instructions for every application we sell a product for: When comparing us with our competitors ask yourself this: If they claim to have tested their system on a variety of cars, why have they installation instructions for only a few vehicles? We promise you that dyno testing is much harder work than taking a few photos…

All of our products carry a 28 day money back guarantee, so you can purchase with confidence knowing that if our products do not perform to your liking, then you can send them straight back for a full refund.

You may ask why our products are so reasonably priced? The real question should be why are the other options so expensive?

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SW Diesel
Average rating:  
 137 reviews
 by Ken
SW Diesel upgrade

Definitely feel the extra power, I drive fairly hard and was really impressed by the over taking ability. What I didn’t expect was the better fuel economy, normally was getting 760 kilometres per tank, now getting on average 830 kilometres. Would definitely advise anyone with an Amarok to get one.

 by Ian johnston

purchased a unit from Steve at Agfest 2023. Fantastic product. Heaps more grunt and great fuel economy. Highly recommend

 by Peter
MQ Triton

Hi Steve, met you at the show today and purchased a module and installed it in no time at all. Test drove it and couldn’t believe the difference. Thank you, my son will be in contact with you to purchase another. Cheers Peter

 by Peter Anderson
VW Touareg

Hi Steve,

Just thought I would let you know that the “chip upgrade” for our Touareg has more that exceeded our expectations. The increase in performance is really noticeable, especially towing, and the most impressive is the improvement in economy. Previously we were getting around 9.5 l/100kms now it is around 8 just driving around (we live rurally). Towing our 21.5ft caravan we used to get a respectable 18-22 l/110kms now we get an astonishing 15-18!! I tow at 85-95 km/hr.

After sorting out access, which is dreadful for a person with big hands, the install was easy.

Thanks for your help and your excellent product.

Peter Anderson  

 by Doug Tandy
3.2 Ranger wildtrak

Steve provided great support, the Chip is definitely worth it as I am already recouping the cost in fuel savings and have the peace of mind of extra power when towing the van. Thanks Steve.

 by Scott
LDV T60max Pro

Like all chips I was a little pessimistic, however after getting a mate to help me install it and we gave my Ute a test drive all we could say to each other was DAMN!!! Only have had it installed for 2 days so can’t wait to see what improvements happen with fuel use. My wife after taking her for a drive was just don’t get caught speeding or racing. Overall highly impressed and Steve was a dead set champion. Thanks mate for having such an amazing product! My Ute is so much better.

Again thanks Steve

 by Peter Klein
Isuzu NPR300

Had this chip put in 6 weeks ago and have trialled my truck loaded at gross 9 tonnes and have noticed increased power and better than 10% fuel saving compared with previous trips when unchipped.

Installation was very easy, Steve was very happy to help immediately with an enquiry over phone regarding installation.

Very happy with chip performance and after sales service. Thanks Steve. Highly recommend.

 by Peter Novak
SW diesel v6 ranger

Compared to the dp chip Ihad on my previous bi turbo ranger the difference is huge. After having it on the highest setting with the dp chip it ran well ,plenty of long trips no problems but didn't notice a great deal of difference between factory setting and highest setting unlike with sw diesel on the v6 ranger ,a huge difference between map c to map e and after towing with it ,was more economical than would've thought providing your not too heavy on the right foot, but you dont need to be . Map e might'nt be everyones choice but if you drive it sedately most of the time and use it when needed ,economy is not that bad. Its a very good product I'd say and Steve provides good backup. Peter

 by Peter
Isuzu NQR Motorhome

Wow purchased to improve torque in the 1500 to 2100 rpm range. Am gobsmacked the difference in torque, pulls harder in this rev range, changes gears up earlier and changes down later. Really impressed with the positive power difference

Did not buy for fuel economy but appears to running 10% less fuel but early days.

Great customer support. Highly recommend.

 by Robert Fishburn
SW Diesel - Mazda BT50

Purchased a SW Diesel chip for my Mazda BT 50 M17 Ute at the Wodonga Caravan show recently and finally got it fitted with the help of a small handed mate as one plug was very hard to remove. I noticed straight away the difference in towing our 2.8 ton caravan. The motor ran smoother sitting on just under 100 kms/hr. and not struggling when coming up to hills. I haven’t done any detailed fuel tests yet but did notice it seems to have improved the fuel economy on our recent trip.

I have been telling all my colleagues how impressive it is and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for more power out of their diesel motor 👍

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