Volkswagen Chip Tuning Box

Give your Volkswagen an instant increase in Performance with an SW Diesel Chip Tuning box. Easily installed in less ten minutes and can be returned to standard with no trace at any time. Our tunning chips will give exceptional torque and power gains.

See what our customers say!

by Robert van der Linden on SW Diesel

I have a VW Jetta 2009, with a 2.0 L diesel engine and DSG gearbox. Earlier this year, VW applied their diesel emissions "fix" to my car - without my (informed) permission with a consequent severe reduction in power and fuel economy.

I purchased the SW Diesel Chip (Pro+Boost Control) and Steve has bent over backwards to get the system installed. (THANKS Steve!)

Immediately after the installation, I noticed a marked improvement in power delivery and a vast improvement in the smoothness of the (automatic) gear change. During a recent 1,500 km trip, the car's fuel economy had also improved by about 12%

I highly recommend anyone who has had the VW diesel gate recall "fix" applied to their car by VW to get this diesel chip system. It will bring the performance of your vehicle very closely back to its original performance levels.


by Chris on SW Diesel
2015 VW Amarok TDI420

Ran into Steve at a local store and quizzed him about his product. Very informative and happy to chat. Rang a few weeks later and decided on the Pro Boost unit. Went straight around and in the unit went. Immediately noticed the increase in power. The lag is totally gone. So wrapped!!

This is a great item and after having it on for 6 weeks Ive noticed a 10-15% reduction in my fuel usage. Great item to add to your Amarok.

by Lee dickens on SW Diesel
VW Amarock upgrade

Our 2014 amarock was effected with the fuel usage and polution isue and due to this the entire car was reset and we lost all out power. Now with the pro model we have the same strength as the new v6 ones and the car not only feels and goes stronger but also smoother with the power to fuel economy ratio at its best. Thanks so much as seeing this on sale at a 4x4 show saved us loads. Cheers so happy with the results

by Owen on SW Diesel
VW Amarok

Great bloke to deal with. Very helpful.

Noticed power increase straight away. Much smoother tru gear change.

Torque much better towing. I will be telling people to ring Steve.

Thanks for all your help Steve.