Jeep Chip Tuning Box

Our performance diesel chips will give your Jeep the wake up call you are after. Here at SW Diesel our modules are unrivalled, giving your engine increase in torque and power. A plug and play system that can be installed on your Jeep in less than 10 minutes. Undetectable after removal leaving your all-important manufacturer’s warranty intact.

See what our customers say!

by DEAN HOLM on SW Diesel

Hi Steve, thanks for great service, fast delivery and exceptional performance out of your chip. My 3L Jeep Overland is performing extremely well especially off the mark. I am now looking forward to towing with this vehicle. Thanks Steve, much appreciated!

by Peter Lewis on SW Diesel
Excellent Product and Professional Service!!

I purchased a Pro + Boost unit for my 2015 Grand Cherokee Overland a few weeks ago.

The improvement was immediate both in terms of performance and fuel economy....but it is not just the product that is impressive, so I add the following:

It is rare these days to come across such a professional company as SW Diesel, a couple of points:

•The product is of a high quality in both performance and build,

•The installation instructions are of a very high quality (I know because I write such things),

•Steve responded to my initial email query within a couple of hours and I purchased it over the phone. The unit was then sent and arrived exactly when Steve said it would a few days later,

•Steve is very knowledgeable about not just his product, but also a wide range of vehicles, has his mobile number on his web site and has answered when I’ve called, each time within a couple of rings.

Great solution!!!

by Brian Lennon on SW Diesel
2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have been researching available chips for my 2014 jeep. I have a 25foot Cell caravan weighing 3200kg. The jeep is an awesome towing vehicle and i'm very happy with the performance and fuel economy. But in some circumstances I was looking for just that little bit more power. I chose the SW for all the reasons listed on this web site. The unit took only 5 minutes to fit. But I have to say I really didn't expect to get the results that I have. The throttle response, power and the smoothness of the car is outstanding. I find myself only using about a third of the throttle as what was required to use before fitting the SW. I am so impressed with this unit that I have been giving other Jeep owners a drive to get a feel of the extra power. I have a Harley Motorcycle Dyno shop and spend every day tuning to get the very best from every bike. To get the result I have without any Dyno or changing exhaust or the air intake is absolutely incredible. I highly recommend this product.