Isuzu Chip Tuning Box

Our performance diesel chips will improve the drivability of your Isuzu. SW Diesel modules are a plug and play setup. Requiring little to no mechanical knowledge and installed DIY in less than ten minutes. Once removed leaving no trace. We will improve the torque and power of your car.

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by Chris on SW Diesel
Great Thus Far

I recently purchased a SW Diesel Chip with Boost for my 2015 Isuzu MUX from Steve. The purchase was made after:

1. Speaking to a number of people who were not happy with how they were treated and the overall experience of their purchase and after sales service from other sellers, and

2. The overall review rating from the SW Diesel Website.

I will be the first to say that while I do not believe everything that is written in reviews, as review sites can be made to look great or terrible for any number of reasons I noted in particular the point that Steve was quick to respond for any queries, issues or problems.

My Chip was fitted yesterday by a mechanic in my country town in NSW and when we had a question about the fitting, we called Steve and he answered the call and in less than a minute, providing the assistance we needed.

After fitting the Chip I drove home, a distance of around 185km. The difference in the Torque (NM) when going up steep grades, rises and hills was very obvious, having travelled the same route several times prior to the Chip being fitted. I was also surprised to find that my fuel economy improved from 10.1L per 100KM to 8.9L per 100KM.

Today I will tow my van for the first time on a route we travel many times during the year, which will be the decider I suppose on how much difference the Chip has actually made. Right now though, very happy. Will post again once I have returned from our weekend away. Well done so far SW Diesel.

by Corrie Gaugg on SW Diesel

I have had my chip in for the last 4 weeks, great performance and economy during day to day driving but what a difference when towing. We towed our loaded up camper through the south east wheat belt, set the cruse control it maintained speed without dropping a gear up some good sized inclines. Over taking was a breeze and we still maintained a trip fuel consumption of less than 10lt per 100.

I am one happy camper, cant wait for our next trip.