Great Wall Chip Tuning Box

We have developed diesel performance modules for your Greatwall. Installation of our SW Diesel chip is quick and easy, less than ten minutes. No trace left behind once removed. Smooth delivery of increased torque and power.

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by Mat on SW Diesel
2011 Great wall v200 4x2 duel cab

Got my economy chip put in by Steve back in March 31 2016 and the chip has been great? 800km for 60 lit of diesel?

by mat on SW Diesel
2011 great wall v200 4x2 duel cab

 We have a 2011 great wall v200 4x2 duel cab , Steve fitted the economy chip in about half an hour, we took it for a test run and the performance immediately the difference in power was outstanding. Had the car trailer and the speedway car car the back with the chip in the car want to pull?