Nissan Chip Tuning Box

The SW Diesel Chip tuning box gives your Nissan unrivalled performance gains. Installation of the SW Diesel performance chip onto your Nissan is fast and easy, and can be removed and put back to stock with no trace at any time. Our tuning chips offer instant power and torque gains and are plug and play.”

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by Geoff Vardy on SW Diesel
Navara NP 300

I have a Caravan Hire business and deliver vans all around the the big state of WA and Having had a Navara D40 for 12 yrs doing the job with nearly 400000 klm on the clock without a problem apart from a Timing chain upgrade it wasn't a hard decision to upgrade to a Navara NP 300 bi turbo model this year. After 6 months I found the torque towing up hills etc did not match or exceed the D40 ,thou I had modified the D40 with chip, 3" exhaust and a few other engine upgrades for the job. So on looking around for a new chip and discovering the manufactures of the D40 chip were now charging around $1500 and it only altered the Fuel pressure I did some research on the internet and came across the SW chip which also controlled the boost pressure and a much more reasonable price.

Had a neighbor from up the road who also had a NP300 who told me his experience of fitting a Italian made diesel chip that only increased common rail pressure and he said it created so much pressure even on the lowest setting ,it was the injectors hammering noise was like a machine gun firing under acceleration. To which he quickly removed and threw away, he said it only cost less than $200 so I guess he got what he paid for. Any way purchasing locally and having a contact to ring if there was similar problem was one of the reasons for buying the SW chip. Having now had the SW chip (on standard setting supplied) fitted for a few weeks I very happy to say it has improved the towing ability of the Navara a good deal, It is torque that matters and it holds a higher gear in the 7 speed auto without hunting around like it used to, were it got to stage I use to use the auto like a manual, to stop the hunting. I only now have to slip it back to 5th for the larger hills and vans. Belting into a head or strong side wind that we often get hear on the west coast is not the same hard slog it use to be and have noticed a decrease in fuel used especially when towing so that alone will pay for the SW chip . Also have not experienced any increase in Injector Rattle, if anything quieter than before , Well done SW diesel.

by Matt on SW Diesel
Pro boost module

I rarely write reviews so this has to count for something. After months of debate I finally bought a pro boost module for my D40 Navara. On the standard setting ass sent to me there was noticeable difference. I just recently changed the setting to max power and performance and wow what difference. Can’t say a bad word about. My Navara flies. Runs better than I could ever imagine. Should’ve done this as the first mod 100,000 kms ago.

by Roger Whyte on SW Diesel
Mind Blowing

Thanks Steve > Ordered Pro + Boast Sunday arrived & installed Wednesday straight out of the box

No turbo lag

Smooth take off & between Gears

Just felt like I was going down hill with the new power under foot

Why Why Why didn't I do this years ago

Navara Thia 2011 Auto TJM Steel Bull Bar ,Snorkel ,Winch,Canopy Rhino Pioneer flat rack 2"lift

Ps Proud to be stretching the New SW Diesel Stubby holder at the moment as I write

Thanks Steve

by Ian Perry on SW Diesel
2011 Nissan Pathfinder Ti V6 3.0

I purchased the Chip from Steve at the recent Perth 4WD Show and he couldn't have been more helpful. The instructions that came with the product were easy to read and understand. If there were any problems, Steve was only a phone call or an almost instantaneous email away.

After locating where the common-rail sensor is on the Pathfinder, I got my local mechanic ( Manjimup Automotive Services) to install the chip as the sensor is buried under lots of mechanical spaghetti!

With the chip installed, I have noticed the Pathfinder is quicker off the mark and the transmission moves through the gears more smoothly. It is only early days so far, but the fuel economy is better by about 10% and this is just driving around town.

I will report back when I go for a decent drive, as well as with the caravan on tow.