Land Rover Chip Tuning Box

Unrivalled performance guaranteed for your Land rover. SW Diesel chip tuning box will liven up your engine with improved torque and power. Our units are a self-install taking less than ten minutes, after removal no trace is left in your factory ECU.

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by Ben royans on SW Diesel

I bought the SW diesel chip at the 4x4 show 2016. I am not very engine savvy so was not sure about it. Spoke to Steve and he answered all questions I had. Then went home & had it installed, it was amazing. However I did have some questions, so I called Steve and he was very helpful. After sales service is fantastic. If any one wants a chip for their car the SW chip is the way to go. Ben

by Bill Davis on SW Diesel
Landrover Freelander

My fuel drop from 9.1 to 7.2 per 100kms. The power has increased noticeably a great investment.

Submitted by SW Diesel on behalf of customer