Holden Chip Tuning Box

Awaken the true potential of your Holden. SW Diesel performance chips are designed to give unparalleled torque and power. Our modules are installed in under ten minutes and are removed quickly leaving no trace. Safe and reliable performance, controlling both fuel and air.

See what our customers say!

by Peter on SW Diesel
2015 Holden Colorado LTZ

I didn't think it made much difference until I hooked the van on anda WOW both my wife and I could hear the difference in the sound and the pulling power of the Collie on the same road we always travel, Even with more on board like canoes and bikes cheers Steve

by Ben on SW Diesel
Sw Pro Boost Chip.

Bought a pro boost chip from Steve at the Hunting & Fishing expo, for my 3.0TD 2011 Rc Colorado, easy to install, really does feel a lot quicker and effortless to get moving. Steve was very helpful and great to deal with. Cheers.

by George on SW Diesel
Improved Colorado Ute

Purchased chip for my Colorado Ute at Henty Field Days, as did a friend,for his Navara. I am super pleased at the improved performance the chip has given me. I am finally happy with how the 6 speed auto performs now, and the increase in power is wonderful, along with a reduced fuel consumption!

I feel that everyone should try one themselves, and if they don't think it does much, send it back. Thanks Steve! Cheers George. Grafton NSW