Mitsubishi Chip Tuning Box

Our tuning modules will give your Mitsubishi unmatched performance increase. The SW Diesel chip is designed to increase torque and power of your car. This is done safely by controlling both fuel and air. Installation easily done in less than ten minutes with our plug and play systems. Once removed no trace left behind in your factory ECU.

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by Dan Hansel on SW Diesel
Sw diesel chips

Met and spoke to Steve at Sydney 4x4 show, he took the time to listen and answer all of my questions which I appreciated greatly as I could see how busy he was doing the same for many at his stall. Fitted the module and harness as per directions, which was very simple and off for a test run, WOW! My Pajero’s torque on acceleration is significantly improved but also how smooth it was throughout the rev range in each gear. Steve is a man who knows his diesels, backs his product, the simplicity of the install and cost is 100% why I purchased this. Unlike other chips which most have the added expense of fitting and wasting of your time and money dyno tuning to get similar results?. Thanks Steve you have one happy customer.

by Norm on SW Diesel

Great diesel chip made a huge difference to the Mitsubishi Challenger

by Steve on SW Diesel
Pro+Boost Control for my 2011 MN 2-5 DID

I received my chip the other day, and with the detailed instructions I was able to fit the unit with ease. Over the past few days I have noticed a considerable difference in pickup and performance. I am now looking forward to the big test when we tow our 2011 Jayco Outback Discovery Caravan around Tasmania in March..Stay tuned....and thanks again to Steve

by David on SW Diesel
Everything and more

Purchased a Pro + Boost Control from Steve at the Townsville round of the Supercars earlier this year.

My 2009 Triton GLR has been a solid ute even after a 100k on the clock but knew it was always a governed motor. The chip changed everything and the difference was immediate. 3 months on and it only gets better. From the start it just opened up the engine at lower revs and just felt smoother and more consistent through the range. Despite better performance, fuel economy has definitely improved. The biggest surprise was little sweet spots in places across the range, previously never encountered. This is a very well balanced chip, and from my perspective, a soundly developed piece of enhanced equipment. A very worthwhile investment.